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In the Martial Arts School, you learn the best combat styles.
The training we offer is for training and protection purposes.
With focus and dedication every member reaches their goals.

Teaching you the necessary skills to become a great
martial artist.

About the RDMA school

The art of Tang Soo Do is an authentic martial art with a rich history and wealth of technical information. Although Tang Soo Do has tremendous combat potential, the purpose for training is the development and improvement of the human being, both physically and mentally, training fosters
respect for others and those martial arts character traits deemed important for developing a superior person in mind and body.

We strive to develop these traits by adhering to the old ways and teaching mythologies that have proven themselves  over time and appreciates the virtues of rigorous physical and mental training

Traditional Tang Soo Do - Korean Martial Arts

For National & International competitions and Self-Defense

5 Codes of Conduct

  • Loyalty to country
  • Obedience to parents
  • Honor friendship
  • No retreat in battle
  • In fighting choose with sense and honor

We are registered with

  • Martial Arts South Africa
  • Traditional Tang Soo Do South Africa
  • Traditional Tang Soo Do International
  • First Aid Certified

We practice to perfect

Korean Martial Arts, Forms, Self-Defense & Weapon training

  • Dagger
  • Fan
  • Nunchaku
  • Staff
  • Sword
  • Board Breaking

Our Lessons

All ages are welcome 5-50years old. At Red Dragon Martial Arts we teach Traditional Tang Soo Do (Korean karate) classes. Classes are structured towards the need of the students focusing on the Tang Soo Do syllabus while also preparing students in the art of self-defense.

  • There are many benefits of Tang Soo Do training

It is aimed at the development of children both physically and mentally. Martial Arts has a positive impact on the lives of young people. As each child is different and uniquely talented we strive to increase their talents and develop them into well rounded martial artists. We encourage parents to be involved in the student’s development and progress and to support their children when they compete in our yearly competitions. We believe children gain allot of benefit from martial arts training. Especially to become more confident, self-reliant and to learn the values associated with being a Red Dragon Martial Arts Student.

  • Tang Soo Do means “The way of the Tang (Chinese) empty hand”.

Tang Soo Do is a Korean style especially renowned for its high, jumping and spinning kicks. Although we have a whole syllabus specializing in numerous kicks, we also train in hand strikes and blocks. As the students’ progress and grade they are also thought the weapon arts. We specialize in staff, sword, knife, and nunchaku. In addition we also teach ground work and throwing techniques.

Each student is required to become proficient in various techniques in order to grade to the next level and regular attendance is required.

Students progresses at their own pace, although attendance is the key to progress. We highly recommend students attend class at a rate of two times per week for optimal results. Although a once a week option is also available.


Training Principles

  • Courage
  • Concentration
  • Perseverance
  • Honesty
  • Control
  • Respect
  • Obedience
  • Indomitable Spirit
  • Humility
  • Self-control
  • Integrity
  • Speed

Tiny Tigers

5 - 6 Years


7 - 12 Years Tuesdays & Thursdays


13 - 50 Years Tuesdays & Thursdays

In class we focus and improve on

  • Agility & Strength
  • Balance & Co-Ordination
  • Confidence & Self-Control
  • Fitness & Flexibility
  • Focus & Self-Discipline

Training Times:

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Join us for training every Tuesday & Thursday

18h30 - 19h30

Ages: 7 - 12 Years
Ages: 13 Years - Adults
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Thursdays Only

Join us for training every Thursday

18h00 - 18h30

Ages: 5 - 6 Years
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Prices per month:


Classes Twice per week (Recommended)
R 370 Monthly
  • 7 - 12 Years


Classes Twice per week (Recommended)
R 420 Monthly
  • 13 Years - Adults

Family Available

Tiny Tigers

Classes Once per week
R 250 Monthly
  • 5 - 6 Years


Classes Once per week
R 250 Monthly
  • 7 - 12 Years


Classes Once per week
R 300 Monthly
  • 13 Years - Adults
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